The VoCoL Triangles project aims to bring together the worlds of work, vocational education and learners (the triangle) using co-operative learning techniques.

Employers, learners and staff will work on tasks together as peers in Vocational Cooperative Learning (VoCoL) Triangles promoting engagement by bringing together the worlds of work and VET.

Workshops have been run in co-operative learning with VET practitioners in the partner’s countries, and the materials will be widely available from the Moodle platform and the website frequently updated to inform and assist VET teachers across the curriculum.


The VoCoL partners have been working hard to create promotional and informative material to help disseminate the project’s work. Our project leaflet is now ready and available in English, Swedish, Czech, German, Spanish and Icelandic. You are very welcome to download the files and share with your friends and colleagues.

VoCOL Leaflet English version

VoCOL Leaflet Czech version

VoCOL Leaflet German version

VoCOL Leaflet Icelandic version

VoCOL Leaflet Spanish version

VoCOL Leaflet Swedish version