VOCOL_Newsletter_May_CZEProject is entering into the final stage of applying and completing Triangles in the partnership countries.Project was divided into several parts such as: training of teachers in Iceland, got involved another teachers into cascade training, convinced employers to take a part in the project etc.. Big part of the efforts from project partners was addressed to involve VET teachers and employers as the conductors to implement cooperative learning in VET courses.

During the implementation of this two years project not everything has always run easily and smoothly. One of the challenges was bring all activities to the life the way how they had been planned. Also availability of the VET teachers was sometimes seen as a big challenge.

The partners of the project are very satisfied with the project results. The feedback which we received from the VET teachers/trainers, the VET students/learners and the employers taking part in VOCOL triangles was very positive and responses were very favourable.

Our successes we would like to disseminate during our final conferences in all partnership countries.